Dog's Best Friend Training Academy


Dog's Best Friend Training Academy


Dorothy Abraham Rubinstein: Dog's Best Friend trained my "challenge" terrier who we got when he was a 9 months old, un-neutered puppy. He was not well socialized with people, little kids and large dogs, but had a nice temperament under all those issues. He thought every person was prey, especially when they moved quickly, not a good thing when people came to the house or we went for walks. He communicated by growling at everything he did not understand-It concerned not only us, but everyone who heard him growl. Of course we neutered him immediately. We tried two other trainers and were not happy with their approach. They did not understand the terrier personality and labeled him as "potentially a problem". We were beside ourselves-No one wants to hear they beloved pet is a problem without a concrete reason why. We were very fortunate that our Vet's office recommended DBF Training Academy. We were very impressed with the initial consultation and felt reassured that we finally were on the right path. Lorrie totally understood our boy terrier and his issues. Long story, short-today he is 21 months old and a totally sweet, very affectionate, very obedient, calm, loving boy who people stop to admire all the time. Best part-they always compliment his behavior! Thank you DBFTA You trained Teddy and trained us to train Teddy!

Kelly and Doug Kahaney: Lorrie Drejka, thank you so much for all that you have done for us. We are so proud of Rookie and Ruby and all that they have learned, Now comes the hard part! Doug and I will work with them everyday and try to keep up the power of being a leader! You are very talented and great at what you do and we will gladly recommend you to our family and friends. Rookie and Ruby will miss you very much. They loved coming to school! Thank you again!

Julie Manuel Murphy: Our “Juno” is a graduate of the Dog's Best Friend Training Academy! Best start for a puppy!

Kimberly Dear-Baker: Dog's Best Friend Training Academy trained both of our boys and then trained us. We highly 
recommend training your dog with them if you would like to have the dog you have always dreamed of. We are so glad we did because we now have the most happy, obedient and loving pooches one could hope for...Thank you. DBFTA you know how much we adore our pups and we owe it all to you! .....keep up the good work, We love you Lorrie!.....and smooches to you... from the pooches, they love you too.

Vickie Procaccino Polansky: An outstanding dog trainer and dog training program!!! Best possible start for your dog from one of the most loving, caring people I know! Sign won't regret it for a minute!

Carol Benyak: Dogs Best Friend trained my 2nd Sheltie Kona after having taken her to 2 other trainers. I thought at first the problem was with Kona but luckily the problem was the other trainers. DBFTA trained my current Sheltie Skye and it is just amazing how obedient she is (barking aside! ). After 8 yrs Skye still follows her commands & people are always impressed. Thanks DBFTA

Sharon Diamondstein: Dear Dog's Best Friend Training Academy, I would like to thank you for saving my dog's life, not once but twice. When I first brought him to you in desperation, you showed me how to work with him and gave me strategies to help me become the leader that my dog so desperately needed me to be.  8 years later, you told me how to bring a baby into my home.  So both dog and child can stay safe, and 2 years after that, you showed me how a dog that no one had believed in could continue to thrive, even with his mistakes. Our entire family thanks you.

Patty A O'Brien: Best Dog Training ever! We have a large chocolate lab we couldn't even walk and now we have the best behaved pooch ever! Even my grandson can walk with her...and he's only 5! 

Brandon Pantano:  Lorrie Drejka and her trainers are amazing! We couldn't of asked for anything better. My wife and I HIGHLY recommend Dog's Best Friend Training Academy. Not only is Lorrie amazing with our puppy, but she takes the time to listen and help us with any questions we have (which are a ton). She constantly goes above and beyond for us and our puppy. Through rigorous support and love, Lorrie has helped our puppy become a better behaved and happier member of our family.