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​Dog's Best Friend Training Academy Programs

For Dog Training and Puppy Training



Puppy Preschool
For puppies between the ages of seven and twenty weeks only. Sponsored by area veterinarians, Puppy Preschool is a series of four sessions that focuses on shaping your puppy’s personality while molding future behavior during the most impressionable age. All instruction is hands-on to assist the new puppy owner in mastering the proper theory and technique for shaping the puppy’s behavior.

Emphasis is placed on the importance of proper socialization during the time when it counts the most. Private Puppy Counseling is available upon request.

Puppy Day Program
For puppies between the ages of seven and twenty weeks only. We focus on potty-training and basic manners with lots of play and socialization exercises for the young canine mind. Emphasis is placed on developing a well-adjusted puppy while assisting with your potty-training routine during the most difficult period.

Day Programs
This program involves two phases. In the first phase, your dog comes to us each morning for his/her day training. Drop-off and pick-up hours are convenient for the working owner. Your dog will receive several intensive obedience and play sessions each day. During the second phase, you and your dog receive one-on-one lessons so that you and your family can learn to work with your trained dog. The number of days in training and the total number of lessons depends upon the package purchased.

Therapy Intervention Sessions
For the canine “with issues”, we offer various appropriate intervention therapies designed to help special dogs deal with traumatic events and/or phobic responses. These treatment sessions are individually tailored and professionally supervised. (Successful completion of Level Two or Level Three is required.)



Behavioral Modification Programs
This program is custom tailored to the behavioral problems of your dog. It includes an appropriate level of dog obedience training and a lifelong set of rules with behavioral modification tactics to make your canine / human relationship more rewarding and enjoyable. With this two step approach, most behavioral problems reduce significantly within a few weeks and with diligent effort by the owner are usually solved within a few months. When requested by a veterinary professional this program includes written reports to the referring practice. The first report is upon initial assessment and will include our assessment results and recommendations. The final report is upon completion of the program and will detail customer compliance and subsequent results.

Alert Dog Training
Your dog will learn to warn off intruders or accept strangers into your home based on your command. For safety reasons successful completion of Level Three is required. In the first phase, two members of our staff will come into your home to work with your dog. The number of sessions required depends upon your dog’s personality and maturity level. During the second phase we will teach you and all family members of a responsible age to handle your trained, alert dog.

Specialized Training
Included but not limited to Nutritional Counseling, Agility Training, Dog Tricks, Support Dog Training, Hearing Assistance Dogs, Search and Rescue, Scent Discrimination, Narcotics Detection, Personal Protection, Residency Training Program* and much more.

*Residency training programs are subject to availability and other restrictions. A deposit is required to hold reservations in this exclusive program.

Lectures and Seminars
Lectures and Seminars to organizations and groups on specialized or general topics are also available.